We are open every Tuesday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The link to sign up is shown at the bottom of this box as Tuesday’s Mini Pantry, when fresh produce, bakery, frozen foods and other select items area available. The sign up for this will be posted by 9am on Friday each week. Clients may attend these sessions on a weekly basis.

We are also open every other Thursday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and alternating weeks on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. The posting for those sign ups will become available on Monday mornings at 9am each week. These dates are when the full pantry is open which includes fresh produce, dry goods, paper products, hygiene products, canned goods, frozen meats and foods, dairy products, and other items. Clients may only come to a full pantry session once a month. Regular Pantry Visit (alternating Thursdays and Saturdays).

For those that do not have internet, you may call the pantry at 262 689 8591 between 10 am and 2pm for assistance in signing up for an appointment on any of those days.

Only one person from each family will be allowed in the building to shop for food so that we are able to maintain proper social distancing. When you check in at the entrance your temperature will be taken, and you MUST wear a mask. No mask, no service. If you are running a temperature you will not be allowed in. If you have been in contact with anyone that has been COVID positive, please make sure that you have isolated for a minimum of 10 days before coming to the pantry. If you are not feeling well, please do not come in and risk passing the virus to another person.

All carts are sanitized before use and between uses by our volunteers.

2021 Mobile Pantry Dates will be posted when we have set them up with Feeding America.

Our Community Meal site is temporarily closed due to COVID, as soon as possible we will reopen and post it on Facebook, here on our Web Site and in the Ozaukee Press. We will be open every other Saturday on the same dates as the Saturday Pantry Dates when that happens.

Regular Pantry Visit (alternating Thursdays and Saturdays)

Tuesday’s Mini Pantry

Welcome to Saukville Community Food Pantry!

We are an all volunteer, non-profit organization providing warm meals, groceries, school supplies and support to families in need in Ozaukee County. The number of families served has grown tremendously since we opened our doors in 2012. In the first month of operation, the pantry helped 23 families. Today, we serve over 80 families a month and help over 315 families a year. Saukville Community Food Pantry has created a shopping experience for our families to allow them to choose the foods that work best for their family and any dietary needs they may have. Outside of the needs of the pantry we provide a free meal site, holiday meal boxes, mobile food pantries and a growing school supply program. If you would like to help our expanding organization, please click here.

“I use to go to Saukville Community Food Pantry for me and my son. Sometimes it was what got us thru the week until my next payday. It was a rough going trying to put food on the table when you have bills and putting gas for my car to go to and from work. Without your help there would have been many nights that me and my son would of gone to bed hungry. Thanks so much for caring and helping those in need!” - B.D.